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Does not distinguish between "display" and "computer" sleep

This app is great and more useful than Caffeine, since it can actually force the computer to go to sleep (provided that another application doesn't prevent it.) I just wish that it would also provide an option to keep the computer running and sleep the display only. I like to do my large file downloads at night. It would be great if my monitors would automatically shut off for me after x amount of time, but my downloads would keep going because the computer itself isn't set to sleep until y amount of time.

Better Than Just A Sleep-No Sleep App

Caffeine has always been my anti-sleep add and I do love its simplicity, but unless I remember to hit the button the computer never sleeps. It's an extra step….just need to make it a habit but this is much better for my computer and battery. Barely uses any CPUs and I don't have to go to the activity monitor to shut it down

Nice countdown timer

Nice litte countdown timer to bad they didn't include a bell or something so I know when it's done counting. The only thing that sleeps when it's done counting down is the program mybe becuase I don't operate in the admininistrative account. Totally useless program for me because of this it doesn't have rights to go to sleep.

I am surprised this app isn't more popular

This app is wonderful. It's great to set a sleep timer for when you want to watch a movie or listen to a podcast but don't want your computer to go to sleep while you are watching OR you want it to turn off after a certain time if you are going to bed or something. I use the app everyday and it's always worked great. Never had a problem with it! I'm glad I found this app because it is exactly what I need. Highly recommended!

Good App. Does what it should.

Great app. No problems so far, not extremely useful for my use. If it had a computer shutdown timer, it would probably be my favorite and most used of all time!

This app does as it says

This app does as it says.

good, could be better

it does what it should, lets the computer sleep in ______ amount of time or puts the computer to sleep in ______ amount of time. you will get 5 stars from me when there is a custom setting for the "do not sleep for…" bar.

Simple, elegant, does what it should.

SleepTime is a simple little app that makes it easy to set a countdown that automatically puts your Mac to sleep after a given amount of time. Preset times are given (or customize to minute/hour specification). Update adds an option to show remaining time in the taskbar. Developer is very responsive to user feature request/adjustment.

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